6/23/2023 Waukegan Harbor Fishing Report & Blog Topic Developing a Fishing Network

6/26/2023 Fishing Report Waukegan Harbor & Networking Tips

Fishing has been good from our harbor with catches consistently between 14-20+ fish per trip with no real great pattern to the fishing. We have some great news about what’s to come as there are limit catches of coho still holding up in Chicago. That typically means we’re in for some fun fat coho fishing come July. Kings are being caught daily and we even took a Lake Trout on a Yellowbird today. WTH was it doing up there? 

We are currently fishing straight of the harbor in 130’-160’ with surface temps at 59 degrees. Unlike last week, the Yellowbirds are doing better now and the lead cores and wires are shutting down. Fish are coming between 20’-55’ down in the column. Here’s the best of the spread this week:

  • Rigger 1 - Stubby dodger with a Blue/Green/Gold (BGG) 2” slider fly down 19’
  • Rigger 2 - Chrome 8” dodger w/ white fly running at 35’ and dropping it to 55’ after full light.
  • Yellowbirds w/ 00 dodgers and BGG 2” sliders, Rapture trolling flies 2” Green/Mirage and Firedot dodger w/ Rapture 2” Battalion 1 fly to the outside of the spread. 
  • Braided dipsys back between 65’ - 95’ w/ stubby dodgers and 2” slider flies BGG
  • 200’ Copper with a Moonshine RV Green Flounder Pounder has been steady
  • 3 color lead flatlined out the back with a Stubby dodger and Rapture 2” Aqua slider fly
  • Leadcores - not performing well nor the wireline dipsys


Creating a Network

Having been in the fishing business as long as we have, we’ve learned one thing… we can’t be successful without the network. We know what’s happening from Michigan around the bend and up to Algoma, WI. Obviously, for the regular recreational angler the network doesn’t need to be that broad, but a network is necessary to up the catches. So how can a recreational angler build a network? 

Listen to channel 68 on the VHF and learn different boats. Hey, even as a charter, we know all the recreational boats who regularly fish by sight. We might not know who’s in it, but we know the boats. As you learn boats, get to know the owners at the dock if you see them. Exchange numbers.

Follow the FB group pages associated with Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing and be active in them… such as:

Walk the charter boat docks when the boats come in in the evening. See if a captain is willing to share some tips or a number. Personally, we work a handful of recreations anglers on the water who we know fish often and know their stuff along with our fellow charter colleagues. 

Follow charter companies in your area on Facebook/Instagram or go to their websites. Some, like us, put out weekly blogs filled with useful information.

Get involved with the local fishing clubs in your area. Salmon Unlimited is a great one. Fish the tournaments… Even if your new to the game and think you’re not ready. It’s not about winning, it’s about developing the network. Hell, even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion! This is a great way to meet other recreational anglers with a lot of experience. 

Go to seminars offered by local bait shops. In our area those would be Lake Michigan Angler or Jalensky's 

Those are some tips in developing a network, but you must get involved. 

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