6/30/2023 Waukegan and Northpoint Fishing Report

6/30/2023 Waukegan and Northpoint Fishing Report

It’s been a great week of fishing ya’ all. The fish of the week is this 21lb Brown Trout along numerous kings and a good steelhead bite earlier this week toward the state line. The fish have been moving a bit each day with the winds, but not far. Today we fished 70’-90’ of water. Earlier in the week 90’-130’ was a bit better. Kings… Our riggers have been the best. Steelhead are coming on 4 - 6 color lead cores, the lake trout have dropped to the lower part of the water column and moved deeper toward 100’-130’. Coho are coming all over the water column and biting about whatever gets in from of them. Here’s the best performers for the week:

Rigger 1 - 3 color SWR down 53’ with a Michigan Stinger UV NBK Stingray size has taken the majority of our kings caught. We’ve been catching 3-4 kings per trip. Definitely our best rod!

Rigger 2 - Stubby dodger and a B/G/G 2” Slider down 27’ taking some coho

Rigger 3 - Has been running the bottom in search of lake trout with an 11” Blinky Flasher and a Rapture Trolling Flies Pink Sting Trout Rig - Only using it when necessary 

Starboard wireline dipsy back 125’ with a mag diver, Dragon Slayer flasher and green pearl fly is taking kings and coho.

Port Braided Dipsy back 135’-155’ with a Glow White Flasher and a Rapture Trolling Flies UV Oceana has been a staple as well. 

4-6 color lead cores with yellow, pink, and orange colors on gold blanks have been putting a beating on the steelhead when they are in the area. There’s been a good steelhead bite in 90’-120’ off the HIll for the Northpoint anglers.

7-9 color leads have been dead - running in a dead zone in the water column it seems.

10 color lead with a Michigan Stinger UV Killer Dolphin has been good

200’ Copper with another UV NBK is getting bit

300’ Copper with Moonshine Carbon 14 is picking up some suspended trout, coho, and a king here and there.

To start out this weekend know that the Kings in shallower, 70’-100’ foot of water, and down about 45'-70’ in the column. Moving out to deeper water will produce the steelhead and more coho… deeper being 90’-130’ and the steelhead are coming in the top 30’ and cohos might come anywhere. This has been the pattern this week. Pick you poison, have darn good fourth of July weekend on the water, and hopefully this information gets you started. Keep the lines tight and the boats upright! 

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